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Sky Glass / Sky Stream FAQ

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Hope you find this FAQ useful. Click/tap on a question to reveal the answer.


Q01 What is Sky Glass / Sky Stream?
Sky Glass is a UHD TV from sky that streams all your content from the Internet via broadband.

Sky Stream is the same service as Sky Glass just you use your own TV<s>, the service gets to your TV<s> via a standalone Sky Stream Puck

Sky Glass 4K UHD TV - Specs & Features
Q02 Do you need a dish or an aerial?
No, all programming is streamed over the Internet via your broadband router.
Q03 Do you have to have Sky Broadband?
No, the service is available over any Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Q04 What are the minimum broadband download speeds required?
Sky are recommending minimum broadband download speeds of:
  1. 10 Mbps for HD
  2. 15 Mbps when using a Sky Stream Puck
  3. 25 Mbps for UHD
Speeds are per device.
Q05 How many Sky Glass TVs can I have?
You can have up to 3 Sky Glass TVs per household, but will only be able to purchase 1 at launch.
Q06 How fast is the wired Internet connection?
Sky Glass devices have 10/100 ethernet ports.
Q07 Is WiFi6 supported?
Yes, Sky Glass TVs and Sky Stream Pucks all support WiFi6 connections to a WiFi6 enabled router.

Note: WiFi6 is backwards compatible with earlier WiFi standards, so WiFi6 is not mandatory
Q08 How many Sky Stream Pucks can I have?
You can have up to 6 Sky Streak Pucks per household.
Q09 Is the Sky Stream Puck HDMI only?
Yes, the Sky Stream Puck can only be attached to a TV/device that has an HDMI input.
Q10 Do the Sky Stream Pucks support UHD?
Yes, the Sky Stream Puck supports UHD and HDR (including Dolby Vision).
Q11 Can I have Sky Stream Pucks without the Sky Glass TV?
Yes, this service is called Sky Stream, you will be able to have one or more Sky Stream Pucks without a Sky Glass TV (See links below).

Sky Stream Puck to be a standalone internet TV device, for full Sky TV over broadband

Sky Glass without the TV is coming soon thanks to the Sky Stream puck

Sky Stream Puck: Everything you need to know

Best to check with sky for availability
Q12 How many channels are there?
At this time there are up to 140 channels available:-
  • BBC 1 – 4 BBC ALBA BBC Scotland ITV 1 – 4 ITVBe Channel 4 E4 Film4 More 4 4Seven Channel 5 5Select 5STAR 5 USA STV UTV S4/C
  • Sky Arts Sky Atlantic Sky Challenge TV Sky Comedy Sky Crime Sky Doc­umentaries Sky History Sky History 2 Sky Max Sky Nature Sky Sports News Sky Sports Racing Sky Sports Mix Pick Sky Replay Sky Showcase Sky Witness
  • alibi Dave Drama Eden GOLD W Yesterday
  • ID Discovery Discovery History Discovery Science Discovery Turbo DMAX QUEST Quest Red Really
  • Paramount Comedy Central Comedy Xtra TLC Animal Planet Food Network HGTV Syfy E! Entertainment National Geo­graphic National Geo­graphic Wild Blaze Crime + Invest­igations CBS Drama CBS Justice CBS Reality Horror channel PBS America Together TV Smithsonian
  • Movies24 Movies24+ TCM
  • 4Music Box Hits The Box KISS Magic Kerrang! MTV MTV BASE MTV CLASSIC MTV HITS MTV MUSIC B4U Music
  • CBBC CBeebies CiTV
  • Sony TV Sony MAX Sony SAB Sony Ma Utsav Plus UtsavvGold Utsav Bharat B4U Movies 4U Music
  • Eurosport 1 & 2 Ginx eSports TV
Note: The above list is subject to change
  • Sky Action Sky Cinema Ani­mation Sky Comedy Sky Drama Room Sky Family Sky Greats Sky Hits Sky Premiere Sky Select Sky SciFi Horror Sky Thriller
  • BabyTV Boomerang Cartoon Network Cartoonito Nick Jr. Nick Jr. Too Nickelodeon Nick
  • Sky Sports Action Sky Sports Arena Sky Sports Main Event Sky Sports Premier League Sky Sports Football Sky Sports Cricket Sky Sports Golf Sky Sports F1 Sky Sports PPV BT Sport 1 – 3 BT Sport // ESPN
Note: The above list is subject to change
Sky's official list
Q13 How do I find my PIN?
Your PIN is the last four digits of your mobile phone number, unless you change it yourself.
Q14 Can you setup recordings remotely?
Unlike Sky Q and Sky+ you must add things to your Playlist whilst you are at home as there is no way to do this remotely using Sky Go etc...
Q15 How does the Playlist feature actually work?
The Playlist feature is too complex a system to explain in this FAQ.

Please visit Sky's forums for the Official Playlist FAQ
Q16 Can I keep use Sky Q / Sky+ with a Sky Glass / Sky Stream Subscription?
No, you may only have one Sky TV service per account/address.
Q17 Can I use a Sky Q mini box with Sky Glass / Sky Stream?
No, you cannot use a Sky Q miniwith the Sky Glass / Sky Stream service.
Q18 Is a TV the only device I can use a Sky Stream puck on?
No, you can connect your Sky Stream Puck to ANY device that has a HDMI In port, such as an Xbox One, Projector etc...


Q50 What happens when my broadband does not work?
If your broadband goes down then you will not be able to access your Cloud Storage (Playlist) to add or view programmes, though as the scheduled "recordings" are stored in the Cloud the "recording" will still take place and be there when your broadband returns.

Sky Glass does have an input for a terrestrial aerial that can provide you with Freeview as a backup so at least you'll be able to access some live TV whilst you wait for your broadband to return.
Q51 How do I turn the motion sensors on/off?
To turn on/off the motion sensors use the following procedure:
  1. Press the Home button on your remote
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Choose Strartup & standby
  4. Toggle Wake using motion & Auto-standby using motion to the desired settings you want (on/off)
Q52 How do I pair my remote control to my Sky Glass / Sky Stream Puck?
To pair your remote control use the following procedure:
  1. Make sure you are in the room with your Sky Glass or Sky Stream Puck
  2. On the remote press the 1 and 3 buttons at the same time for 5 seconds
  3. Release the buttons
Q53 How do I reset my Sky Glass / Sky Stream Puck remote control?
To reset your remote control use the following procedure:
  1. On the remote press the 4 and 6 buttons at the same time for 5 seconds
  2. Release the buttons
Q54 How do I force a software update?
To force a software udate, on the Sky Glass TV or a Sky Stream Puck, use the following procedure:
  1. Press the and hold the Power/Standby button on your remote control
  2. Turn off the mains power at the plug
  3. Wait a few seconds
  4. Turn the power back on at the plug
  5. Still holding down the Power/Standby button on your remote control until the Power/Standby LED starts blinking
  6. Release the Power/Standby button on your remote control and wait for the software update to complete
Q55 My Sky Stream Puck is not giving me UHD(2160p)?
If your Sky Stream Puck is not giving you UHD resolutions but is set to 2160p in the settings then try the following:
  1. Turn of the power to the Sky Stream Puck
  2. Wait a few seconds
  3. Turn the power back on again
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