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Wednesday 22 May 2024


These pages are a place where I can test Web Development, give out useful information, etc…

My interests, including but not limited to:

  • Playing Video Games
  • Watching YouTube, including these topics:
    • Computing
      • Retro
      • Repairs
      • Raspberry Pi
      • Coding, Writing games, etc…
      • HTML, CSS
    • Gaming
      • Consoles
      • Minecraft
      • Call of Duty Zombies
  • Technology
  • Learning computer languages
  • Web Coding and Design

Over the years I have been an Analyst Programmer for various large well known companies and some not so well known.

I voluntarily test software / hardware for various companies.

This website is handcrafted with Visual Studio Code (with: HTML5 and CSS3).

Version 120+ of the following desktop web browsers will get access to the Text and Graphic themes for this website:

Firefox,   Chrome,   Edge (Chrome)

All earlier desktop web browser versions, mobile web browsers and those browsers that are not listed above are unsupported and will get access to the Text theme, this is due to some CSS and HTML is using newer features that require a more up to date browser

Note: Use the following link to bypass theme restrictions for unsupported browsers, you will then be able to select either theme at your own risk as the layout on some browsers might break and make the website less usable, you can revert back to the default theme at any time

Computer Hardware Experience

This is a list of computers that I have owned, own or I have used over the years either at school or at work.

Acorn A310 Acorn A4 AS/400 BBC Master BBC Micro Z88 Commodore64 Fire 7 iPad PC PC Compatible Raspberry Pi RISCPC600 RM380Z System38 TRS80 ZX Spectrum ZX80 ZX81

Programming Language Experience

This is a list of programming languages that I use or I have used over the years either at school or at work. Some of the laguauges I know a little but a few I have use a lot (many years), a couple I'm learning on and off i.e. Python and arm Assembly Language.

6502 arm Z80 BBC BASIC C Commodore BASIC IBM CL IBM RPG JavaScript Python Sinclair BASIC SQL

Microsoft Preview / Beta Testing

This is a list of software that I'm currently testing on my Xbox Series X and Raspberry Pi

GIMP Minecraft Xbox Dashboard YouTube

Random Information

This data is used to aid the development of this website etc…

Web Server

Name :
IP Address : 192​.​168​.​1​.​2
Port : 443
HTTPS : on
HTTP Host :
Locale : en_GB
Last Reboot : Tuesday, 21st May 2024 - 1:19:41pm (BST)
Up Time : 1 day, 4 hours, 48 minutes
CPU Temp : 30.2 °C

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Port : 58060

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Cloudflare : 1​.​1​.​1​.​2​ and ​1​.​0​.​0​.​2
Google : 8​.​8​.​8​.​8​ and ​8​.​8​.​4​.​4
OpenDNS : 208​.​67​.​222​.​222​ and ​208​.​67​.​220​.​220
AdGuard DNS : 94​.​140​.​14​.​14​ and ​94​.​140​.​15​.​15

DNS - IPv6

Cloudflare : 2606​:​4700​:​4700​:​:​1112​ and ​2606​:​4700​:​4700​:​:​1002
Google : 2001​:​4680​:​4680​:​:​8888​ and ​2001​:​4680​:​4680​:​:​8844
OpenDNS : 2620​:​0​:​ccc​:​:​2​ and ​2620​:​0​:​ccd​:​:​2
AdGuard DNS : 2a10​:​50c0​:​:​ad1​:​ff​ and ​2a10​:​50c0​:​:​ad2​:​ff


Cloudflare : cloudflare-dns​.com​/dns-query
Google : dns​.google​/dns-query
OpenDNS : doh​.opendns​.com​/dns-query
AdGuard DNS : dns​.adguard-dns​.com​/dns-query


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