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Change Log|Annie UK

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Changes To This Site

6.30:Graphic theme now requires Firefox and chrome versions 120+. Text theme main font changed from Mono to Sans Serif. Started to switch code to full HTML. Removed JavaScript from site. Addedd RISC OS page (W.I.P). Fixed some layout issues in the Text theme. Removed the need of .html or .htm etc… from the websites address. Tidied up the query strings. Auto remove unwanted file extensions in URL

6.29:Tightened up web server security (W.I.P)
6.28:Removed Light theme and refactored CSS to save on maintenance time, Renamed Dark theme to Graphic theme. Removed support for command line browsers ie w3m, lynx etc… Addedd bypass query to igone the curde browser checking. Fixed some table layouts (text theme), added drop-shadows, text-shadows and box-shadows to buttons (graphic theme)
6.27:Reworked <details><summary> sections on relevant pages for more browser support also fixed an issue with some links not working for touch screen devices related to <summary> sections. Merged some internal functions to reduce code duplication
6.26:Replaced retro theme with text theme to ease maintenace and better compatibility with older browsers. Changed page footers so less cluttered. Page validation now correctly tests the Light theme version of a web page. Fixed several link issues mainly with command line browsers ie w3m, lynx etc… Embedded CSS and JavaScript to speed up page rendering
6.25:Updated copyright year. Fixed browser history for Q and A's. Other minor tweaks and fixes. added code to validate links on Mastodon. Copied comments from source to HTML source for easier in browser debugging
6.24:New section jump navigation on the This page, Home page, TV Setup, Gaming, Contact and Raspberry Pi specification pages. All jump navigation buttons will now play better with your browsers history, going back will now work as expected
6.23:Moved web server to a slightly better computer. Fixed up some icon sizing issues. The date in the page headers now shows special days with a name and an emoji. Detect Chromium browser properly under Raspberry Pi OS so it's not reported as Google Chrome. Changed the PC-Spec page to reflect new hardware. Refactored some code. Fix colours of text whilst selecting for copy and pasting. Enabled smooth scrolling for compatible browsers. Other minor tweaks to fonts etc…
6.22:Removed locally hosted Google fonts to speed page rendering in all themes. Now using fixed image sizes for icons at the top of the pages to also speed up page rendering (Dark and Light themes). Scrollable navigation buttons for Dark and Light theme versions of the site for better use of space on mobile devices etc… Added page for arm (Advanced RISC Machines) assembly language info. Dark and Light theme reenabled for Safari V17+
6.21:Sky Plus page changes. Refactored code using some new techniques to speed up backend HTML page construction. added info to the top of the bank hol's page. Temporarily dropped support for Safari and Opera browsers with Dark and Light modes to allow them to catch up with newer CSS features
6.20:Fixed focus for keyboard navigation on Dark and Light themes, so the next press of tab takes you to the correct targeted link. Retro theme links now standardised and spruced up a bit. Fixed hovering when using Edge on Xbox Series S|X when no mouse is connected to the console this may work for Xbox One also. Tidied layout for smaller screen devices. Allow more screen area to be used for large screen devices. Change non-retro navigation buttons to use SVG images rather than only text. Fixed default font size. Refactored code. Converted games list on the gaming page into data files rather than embedded into the code. Minimum page width increased to 400px from 320px

6.19:Theme bar updated. Changed date and time for smaller screens. Added tooltips
6.18:Changed page headings slightly and removed some layout inconsistencies from the navigation button bars and information wiki buttons. Fixed slight layout issue for mobile devices
6.17:Email address changed on contact page. Reworded some of the text on the page to make it easier to understand
6.16:Colour tweaks for all themes. Navigation button resize. Removed reddit links from gaming page. Various miscellaneous fixes
6.15:Minor fixes. Extra F.A.Q questions and answers. Using new CSS media query range syntax that requires even more modern browsers so there is more chance of you being forced to the retro theme
6.14:Fixed an issue with Forced Retro theme. Fixed having retro in the query string whilst retro being forced was causing issue as you could bypass reto theme and end up with pages that do not render properly
6.13:More work on server caching to speed up repeat visits. Changed navigation button names and some page titles. Added date and time to larger screen devices to aid in detecting browser caching issues
6.12:Added a Python page including the souce for my game Master Mind. Removed Google Fonts and am hosting them locally on my server, this removes some google tracking and speeds up the browser rendering. The site is now using the Ubuntu and Ubuntu Mono fonts
6.11:Retro theme additions and fixes. Addedd iOS browsers; Edge, Chrome, Firefox. Fixed missing scrollbar on hover. New table layout for Bank holidays. Fixed Opera browser forcing retro theme. Fixed corrupted output with w3m browser
6.10:Further implemented a text only browser mode for older retro browsers like NetSurf, early Edge version, etc… Fixed some minor alignment issues with fonts i.e. the version numbers on this page did not align with the top row of text. Added a new retro theme button to aid testing

6.09:Added more Music Videos. Added some entries to Bank Holidays. Various fixes. support for text only browsers ie W3M for Linux terminal
6.08:Browser caching enhancement to speed up page loading
6.07:Trying out nth-child in CSS. Removed all the striping code and replaced with CSS. Added a more rounded look in many places. RGB coloured the main navigation buttons as part of nth-child testing. Fix for touchscreen devices where the hover effect was sticking. Changed flex grids to flexboxes
6.06:Added warning dialogue for legacy, unsupported, untested web browsers
6.05:Refactored Music and Gaming pages to speed them up. New layouts test. Added extra data to the Bank Holidays page and made it a little clearer
6.04:Accessibility update
6.03:Simplified colors with more contrast for accessibility users. Changed some layout
6.02:Navigation and link button fixes and tweaks, mainly for smaller screen support
6.01:Various small fixes and tweaks
6.00:Dropped support for older web browsers so I can concentrate on using more modern features. Tweaked colour scheme in both dark and light modes. Impemented a proper dark mode and no longer cheat by just reversing all the colours. Fixed navigation skip for keyboard and accessibility users. Removed Top of Page button. Removed most manual hyphenation and added automatic hyphenation to reduce code size and the amount of maintenance. Implemented bodge for iOS and iPadOS hover issue on touchscreen, this isnot perfect. Removed graphics from header if screen < 600px. Renamed Computer Spec's -> My PCs to shorten page title

5.29:Removed SCSS and now using standard CSS as the SCSS compiler was corrupting the outputted CSS code, it was too time consuming to identify where the issue was it's easier to revert to vanilla CSS
5.28:Layout tweaks
5.27:Backend tweaks. Homepage refactoring
5.26:Changed page titles, Gaming info -> Video Gaming, PC Spec's -> Computer Spec's, Linux Info -> Ubuntu Linux
5.25:Removed Links page from navigation bar. Split out BBC Micro and windows games from the Others section on the Games page
5.24:New Top of page button added to all pages and remove top of page links that are now redundant
5.23:Minor tweaks and fixes
5.22:Some minor tweaks to accomodate Firefox oddness. Still some issues with tooltips though that work perfectly OK in Chrome, Chromium and Edge
5.21:Changed server Operating System so that the server software can be updated to allow date functions past the year 2038, this allows the correct function of my bank holidays page, see bug in 5.20 below
5.20:Removed all hardcoded dates from the Bank Holidays page and replaced them with calculated dates using functions to prevent errors, a year 2038 timestamp bug prevents me from displaying any holidays past 2037

5.19:Added Last 12 weeks to Bank holidays page and some internal refactoring of code of this page for easier maintenance
5.18:Added new years (up to 2030) on bank holiday page, Added year headings to make page easier to read. Recoded event entries for easier maintenance
5.17:Added new Linux Info page
5.16:Added new Sky Glass F.A.Q
5.15:Added updated date to F.A.Q answers. Added framework for new F.A.Q page. Updated Sky Plus F.A.Q for easier editing
5.14:Fixed button and link focus. The focus box should not appear for mouse users. Tweaked colours for dark mode. Added some code for older Edge browsers, Internet Explorer and NetSurf
5.13:Made dark mode more permanent. Fixed 404 error page this was a server software issue
5.12:Support for font resize on mobile devices
5.11:New experimental dark mode
5.10:Colour scheme update, changed links. Cleaned up some CSS. Added page heading icons, etc…

5.09:Updated gaming info page. Removed and merged sections. Updated details etc…
5.08:New layout for ths change log. Fixed some focus issues when only using a keyboard and no mouse. Fixed bank holiday page so it handles events when they are in the past
5.07:Implemented HTTPS
5.06:Upgraded server software version on the server
5.05:Small tweak to the sites look and minor bug fixes
5.04:Added England and Wales Bank holiday countdown list page, Bank Hol's Nav button
5.03:Changed some of the links so they can be opened in new tabs etc… Tweaked the gaming page layout
5.02:Changed sites main font to Quicksand using Google fonts
5.01:Removed cookie usage
5.00:Refactored code. Rewrote CSS using SCSS for modern browsers removing legacy browser support. Replaced all <table> code. You will need a modern browser to veiw this site correctly, for example: Chromium, Firefox, Edge etc… Modernised Gaming and Home pages. Implemented server optimizations to speed up web page delivery

4.55:Polished text formatting on many pages, especially Music Videos and Useful Links
4.54:Added code to make site more readable on older browser tech ie NetSurf on Risc OS and windows. Simplified navigation for older browser support. Changed url link formatting
4.53:Small changes to speed up page delivery. Removed MD5 code to allow caching, strengthened server security. Split out change log into separate page
4.52:Minor fixes and tweaks
4.51:Dark mode experiment removed. New buttons design for Sky Plus F.A.Q. CSS var support
4.50:Altered borders of boxes etc… to fix bug in Chrome browsers, home page refresh

4.49:Updated the Sky Plus F.A.Q page to use details and summary HTML tags
4.48:Moved Server from windows 10 PC to a new computer and updated the computer Specs page
4.47:Added Xbox Series X support in the Gaming page
4.46:Dark mode (Experiment)
4.45:Addded section jump links
4.44:Increased navigation buttons and bars spacings for smaller screen devices
4.43:Removed ah folder and restructured the navigation. Added md5 code to some internal files
4.42:Fixed page header so that narrow screens now have the ability to scroll rather than just overflowing. Enhanced server text parser engine. Reworked most of the home page. Added logo to header
4.41:Rebranding from Annie's Hobby [AH] to Annie UK
4.40:Major overhaul of server text parsing functions to allow for better formatting. Addedd tool tips to some of the titles on the home page

4.39:Converted music page and games lists to use HTML and CSS tables
4.38:Optimised some code. Enhanced URL link buttons. Gaming page changes. Changed home page slightly
4.37:Fixed multi-coloured lists and changed colours
4.36:Removed more code redundancy. Added fancy colour graded text to links and Some titles. Changde log number etc…
4.35:Reduced code duplication. Enhanced the gaming page
4.34:Tweaked internal code so site can run on a different OS
4.33:Converted Music page to arrays for easier maintenance
4.32:Converted computer Specs tables to arrays for easier maintenance
4.31:New browser cache stopping code and Please note boxes top and bottom
4.30:Changes to Sky Plus F.A.Q. Added a new question

4.29:Minor text colour changes
4.28:Added some more games to the Gamer page
4.27:Removed Google+ from the bottom of the website pages
4.26:Added cookie driven font size buttons to the navigation bar
4.25:Standardised font sizes
4.24:Added Reddit links and altered link appearance
4.23:New logo and site name. Tidied directory structure
4.22:Non-user facing tidy up
4.21:Added image scaling on differing screen and window sizes. Re-added embedded YouTube
4.20:More Sky Plus F.A.Q questions added

4.19:Tidied some web code
4.18:Changed web page validation links due to iframe support being removed
4.17:Replaced embedded YouTube videos as links because some browsers were crashing and erroring
4.16:Removed browser cache stopping code as change made on server to stop this
4.15:Enhanced some lists with arrays for easier editing and alphabeticalising the lists automatically. Stopped browser cache for most media files etc…
4.14:New avatars for social media, Xbox Live etc…
4.13:Added Discord link to social networking
4.12:Added Xbox One X section to gaming page
4.11:Removed the need for mobile checking
4.10:Moved site to personal server and new domain

4.06:Added new gaming page
4.05:Added index to Music page
4.04:Fixed layout and formatting issues. Removed some legacy code
4.03:Sky Plus F.A.Q new YouTube video
4.02:New gamercard provider
4.01:Enhanced navigation
4.00:Site redesign. Removed company website

3.18:Added support for Xbox One
3.17:Redesigned Games lists
3.10:Scrolling navigation menu at top of screen

3.00:Support for multiple screen resolutions

2.00:One layout for multiple websites

1.00:Initial release
Force Graphic Theme (may give unpredictable page rendering)