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Linux Information

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Below is a list of random Debian based Linux information for my reference. This info also includes some fixes for Raspberry Pi specific related issues

Random Linux Information

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001 What apps are useful for a New (clean) Install | Debian

Nala - apt frontend:

sudo apt install nala

Misc apps etc…:

sudo nala install ufw gufw fonts-noto-color-emoji conky 7zip rclone tree traceroute inkscape rpi-imager vlc gparted audacious ansiweather w3m lynx psensor code mesa-vulkan-drivers mesa-utils vulkan-tools nmap mame zoxide fzf sxiv pass pass-otp

Flatpak package manager:

sudo nala install flatpak

GIMP Beta:

flatpak install --user

Netsurf web browser:

flatpak install --user netsurf

Password manager:

flatpak install --user keepassxc

SNAP Package manager:

sudo nala install snapd

SNAP Store and Commander x16 emulator:

snap install core snap-store x16emu

002 Terminal | Debian

Use the following key-presses to open a terminal window:

Crtl + Alt + T

To display the terminal command history use the following command:


003 Software update and Tidy up | Debian

Use the following commands in a terminal window to update Linux to the latest software:

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

Tidy up install:

sudo apt -y autoremove && sudo apt -y clean && sudo apt -y purge ?config-files

004 Journal files (journalctl) | Debian

Use the following command in a terminal window to clear out all journal files older than 1 day

sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=1d

Use the following command in a terminal window to clear out all journal files but leave the most recent files upto the specified amount of disk space (##B, ##M, ##G)

sudo journalctl --vacuum-size=1B

Use the following command in a terminal window to find out the amount of disk space it taken up by journaling

journalctl --disk-usage

Use the following command in a terminal window to disable journaling

systemctl disable systemd-journald

005 Location of script files | Debian

Scripts can be placed in the following directory so you don't have to include the full path


006 Network Manager | Debian

To stop use the following

sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager.service

To start use the following:

sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.service

To restart use the following:

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service

007 Stop audio setting defaulting to headphones | RasPi OS | Ubuntu

Use the following (for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS):

sudo nano /etc/pulse/

Find "load-module" and comment it out by adding a # to the front of the line

008 Scrambled online accounts screen | Ubuntu | RasPi OS | Gnome

Use the following in terminal to open the settings with the screens unscrambled:


009 Stop polling for an SD card constantly when not using one | RasPi OS

Edit config.txt

sudo nano /boot/firmware/config.sys

Add the following to the end of config.txt


010 Get the CPU temparature | RasPi OS

Use the following command:

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

Note: The result needs to be divided by 1000 to get the actual temperature in °C

011 *.desktop file, allow launching | Debian

Use the following command:

gio set file.desktop metadata::trusted true

012 Add *.desktop file to launcher and/or menu | Debian

Copy the *desktop file into the following folder:


013 Turn off splash screen | RasPi OS

Edit the following file:

sudo nano /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt

Remove the following from the end of the line:

quiet splash

014 Backup / Restore entire HDD using command line (Terminal) | Debian


dd if=/dev/sda of=./part1.image


ddd if=./part1.image of=/dev/sda

015 Compressed backup to img file using command line (Terminal) | Debian


cd ~

sudo dd if=/dev/<drive> | gzip -c - > <name>.img.gz

Where <drive> is the name of the mounted drive ie sde, mmcblk0, etc…

016 Login screen settings | Gnome

Use the following to edit the settings:

sudo nano /etc/gdm3/greeter.dconf-defaults

Some settings under the [org/gnome/desktop/interface] section:




017 ALT + F2 to open Run.. dialogue | Wayfire

Add the following into the file ~/.config/wayfire.ini at the bottom of the [command] section:

binding_power = <alt> KEY_F2

command_power = sh -c "$(zenity --entry --title='Run' --text='Enter Command' --width='800')"

018 Configure Network Manager from CLI | RasPi OS | Bookworm

Use the following command:


019 Auto update CertBot using cron | Debian

Use the following command to create a cron job:

sudo touch /etc/cron.d/certbot

Use Nano to edit the above file

sudo nano /etc/cron.d/certbot

Cut and paste the following into nano and save the file

# /etc/cron.d/certbot: crontab entries for the certbot package
# Upstream recommends attempting renewal twice a day
# Eventually, this will be an opportunity to validate certificates
# haven't been revoked, etc. Renewal will only occur if expiration
# is within 30 days.


0 */12 * * * root test -x /usr/bin/certbot -a \! -d /run/systemd/system && perl -e "sleep int(rand(3600))" && certbot -q renew

020 Show network information | Debian

Use the following command (change eth0 for the device you're interested in):

nmcli device show eth0

021 Check firmware is up to date | RasPi OS

Use the following command:

sudo rpi-eeprom-update

022 Stop / Start a package from updating via apt | Debian

Use the following commands:

sudo apt-mark hold package-name

sudo apt-mark unhold package-name

or to show packages on hold

sudo apt-mark showhold

023 numlock on at system start | Debian

Use the following command to install the app numlockx:

sudo nala install numlockx

024 Dark mode for the login screen | RasPi OS

Edit the file /etc/lightdm/pi-greeter.conf:

gtk-font-name= PibotoLt 24

Note: The directories the wallpaper and icons come from should not be altered as this seems to be hardcoded somewhere, just place and new wallpaper / icon files in the above directories

025 Find names and info of devices on the network | Debian

Use the following command:

avahi-browse -alr

026 Find MAC address and device manufacturer of most network device | Debian

Use the following command:

sudo nmap -sn

027 Clear swap file when plenty of RAM free | Debian

Use the following commands:

sudo swapoff -a; sudo swapon -a

028 Fix windows MBR after GRUB installed | Windows

Boot up an install CD/DVD (ie Windows 7) and enter the recovery console, use the following command in a command window:

bootrec /fixmbr