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About me: I love; Technology, Computer games, learning computer languages, web coding & design, Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy, Animation, YouTube etc... I voluntarily test apps and the Sky+HD Electronic Programme Guide software for sky, I am an Alpha tester for Xbox One and I test iOS on my iPad Pro 12.9"
Location: Milky Way / Sol / Earth / UK / England / London
Site Mission: These pages are a random collection of information and a place where I can test out HTML, CSS, PHP & Java Script. This website is run from my own server, is totally advert free, not sponsored and does not store cookies.
Social Networking: FacebookGoogle+TwitterYouTubeTwitchDiscord
Programming languages Learnt: BASIC (Various versions) • RPG (IBM System 38 & AS/400) • CL (IBM System 38 & AS/400) • 6502 Assembler (BBC Micro) • z80 Assembler • C • C++ • PHP • Java Script
ßeta Testing / Tested: Dashboard (XBOX ONE) • DigiGuide (PC) • Dropbox (PC) • MailWasher Mobile (iOS, WindowsMobile) • MailWasher Pro (PC) • Minecraft (XBOX ONE) • Mozilla Firefox (PC) • Mozilla Thunderbird (PC) • Panda Cloud Antivirus (PC) • Project Spark (PC, XBOX ONE) • Sky Go (iOS) • Sky+HD EPG (Sky STB) • Windows 10 (PC, WindowsMobile) • Windows Defender (PC) • Xbox App (iOS, PC, WindowsMobile) • iOS
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 Site Change Log
4.21 Added image scaling on differing screen/window sizes, re-added embedded YouTube
4.20 More Sky FAQ questions added
4.19 Tidied some web code
4.18 Changed web page validation links due to iframe support being removed
4.17 Replaced embedded YouTube videos as links because some browsers were crashing/erroring
4.16 Removed browser cache stopping code as change made on server to stop this
4.15 Enhanced some lists with PHP arrays for easier editing and alphabeticalising the lists automatically, stop browser cache for most media files etc...
4.14 New avatars for social media, Xbox Live etc...
4.13 Added Discord link to social networking
4.12 Added XboxOneX section to gaming page
4.11 Removed the need for mobile checking
4.10 Moved site to personal server and new domain
4.06 Added new gaming page
4.05 Added index to Music page
4.04 Fixed layout and formatting issues, removed some legacy code
4.03 Sky+HD FAQ new YouTube video
4.02 New gamercard provider
4.01 Enhanced navigation
4.00 Site redesign & removed company web site
3.18 Added support for Xbox
3.17 Redesigned Games lists
3.10 Scrolling navigation menu at top of screen
3.00 Support for multiple screen resolutions
2.00 One layout for multiple web sites
1.00 Initial release