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WelcomeThis is the home of Annie UK. These pages are a random collection of information and a place where I can test out HTML, CSS, PHP & Java Script etc...
MeI love Technology, Computer games, learning computer languages, web coding & design, Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy, Animation, YouTube etc... I voluntarily test apps and the Sky+HD Electronic Programme Guide software for sky and I test iPadOS on my iPad Pro. I spent many years as an Analyst/Programmer for companies such as EMI Records & DHL, to name a couple.
LocationMilky Way / Sol / Earth / UK / England / London.
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Above is a list of things, past and present, that I am beta testing or have beta tested
languages BBC BASIC   BASIC (Various)   IBM RPG   IBM CL   6502 Assembler   C   C++   HTML   CSS   PHP   Java Script 
Computers RM 380z   ZX80   ZX81   ZX Spectrum   TRS80 model I   BBC model B   BBC Master Turbo   Archimedes   Risc PC 600   System 38   AS/400   Various PCs 
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Site Change Log
4.46 Dark mode (Work In Progress)
4.45 Addded section jump links
4.44 Increased navigation buttons and bars spacings for smaller screen devices
4.43 Removed ah folder and restructured the navigation, added md5 code to some internal files
4.42 Fixed page header so that narrow screens now have the ability to scroll rather than just overflowing, enhanced PHP text parser engine, reworked most of the home page, added logo to header
4.41 Rebranding from Annie's Hobby [AH] to Annie UK
4.40 Major overhaul of PHP text parsing functions to allow for more/better formatting, addedd tool tips to some of the titles on the home page
4.39 Converted music page & games lists to use HTML/CSS tables
4.38 Optimised some PHP, Enhanced URL link buttons, gaming page changes & changed home page slightly
4.37 Fixed multi-coloured lists and changed colours
4.36 Removed more code redundance and added fancy colour graded text to links, some titles, change log number etc...
4.35 Reduced code duplication & enhanced the gaming page
4.34 Tweaked internal code so site can run on Linux Apache2 and PHP 7
4.33 Converted Music page to PHP array for easier maintenance
4.32 Converted PC Specs tables to PHP arrays for easier maintenance
4.31 New browser cache stopping code and Please note boxes (top & bottom)
4.30 Changes to Sky FAQ and added a new question
4.29 Minor text colour changes
4.28 Added some more games to the Gamer page
4.27 Removed Google+ from the bottom of the website pages
4.26 Added cookie driven font size buttons to the navigation bar
4.25 Standardised font sizes
4.24 Added Reddit links and altered link appearance
4.23 New logo and site name, tidied directory structure
4.22 Non-user facing tidy up
4.21 Added image scaling on differing screen/window sizes, re-added embedded YouTube
4.20 More Sky FAQ questions added
4.19 Tidied some web code
4.18 Changed web page validation links due to iframe support being removed
4.17 Replaced embedded YouTube videos as links because some browsers were crashing/erroring
4.16 Removed browser cache stopping code as change made on server to stop this
4.15 Enhanced some lists with PHP arrays for easier edit­ing and alphabeticalising the lists automatically, stop browser cache for most media files etc...
4.14 New avatars for social media, Xbox Live etc...
4.13 Added Discord link to social networking
4.12 Added Xbox One X section to gaming page
4.11 Removed the need for mobile checking
4.10 Moved site to personal server and new domain
4.06 Added new gaming page
4.05 Added index to Music page
4.04 Fixed layout and format­ting issues, removed some legacy code
4.03 Sky+HD FAQ new YouTube video
4.02 New gamercard provider
4.01 Enhanced navigation
4.00 Site redesign & removed company web site
3.18 Added support for Xbox One
3.17 Redesigned Games lists
3.10 Scrolling navigation menu at top of screen
3.00 Support for multiple screen resolutions
2.00 One layout for multiple web sites
1.00 Initial release